Use these smart goals examples suggestions to give you some ideas of goals you would like to set for the future. Set as many goals as you wish from the various topics and then prioritize them!

You can prioritize your smart goals if you have selected several of the suggestions above, and are not sure which smart goal to achieve first. 

Now you can get the goal setting worksheets to help you prioritize your new goals!

Smart Goals Examples

What would you like to purchase in the future – short term and long term?

Do you think of buying a new home, a new car, a boat, a swimming pool, etc.?

Would you like to go back to school to get a degree, or a different degree?
 Do you have the resources to finance your education?

 What are your retirement plans?

 Would you like to go into your own business?

 Would you like to have your own Website or Blog?  

 Maybe you've always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument?

 Are you satisfied with your current work situation?

 Do you find what you do to be just a job or a career?

 Where would you like to work? 

 What dream job would you like to have?

 Are there other career fields that interest you? 

 Do you prefer to work in a large corporate setting or a small company atmosphere?

 Was one of your dreams to be a Doctor, or Lawyer, or Teacher, etc.?
 As a primary provider, what are the things you would like your family to have?

 Are there any things you dream of having specifically for yourself?

 Do you keep a close relationship with your immediate family members?

 Is it necessary that you live geographically close to where your relatives live? 

 Would you like a closer relationship with your parents or siblings?
 How would you describe your social circle?

 How often do you take vacations and where do you go?

 Do you prefer owning a home or renting an apartment?

 Does your current vehicle compliment your current situation?

 Do you regularly participate in recreational and/or sporting activities?

 What hobbies do you like?

 Do you know how to dance? Would you like to learn?

 Do you participate in regular social functions or feel left out?

 Is you physical appearance something you'd like to change?
 Are you on a spiritual journey now?

 Would you like to be?

 Do you believe in a higher power?

 Are you satisfied with your current spiritual status?

 Do you regularly attend worship services?

 Do you participate in activities at your place of worship? 

​​​​Use these smart goals examples suggestions to start thinking about every area of your life. We don't always know exactly what we want to change, but we do know that something needs to change.

​​​​​​Take your time with these smart goals suggestions and formulate a goal for each of the examples that particularly interest you! The more time you spend pondering which changes you want to make, the clearer the picture becomes and then one particular goal starts to dominate your thinking.