We established "Goals For All" at the end of 2012, after spending years in the Corporate world gathering information about goal setting and strategic planning and finding the very best processes that produced the best goal setting results on a continuing basis. 

We knew this would eventually be extremely useful to anyone wanting to achieve personal goals, career goals, student goals, professional goals, or small business goals.

My only purpose was to build a site that I could use to help anyone learn the art of goal setting, and believe me it is an art.
Now we just hope you believe that we really can show you how to set and achieve any goal in life you wish to pursue! We have learned all the best processes to make this happen, and we hope we can pay it forward.

Now we have finally taken these best "processes" for setting and achieving goals, and have put them in our goal setting guide (Free). 

We are now passing this goal setting guide, along with our E-Book, to all who wish to achieve major goals in life!! We are finally paying it forward.

That's what we're about, and what we're going to stay about. If you wish to contact us about why you should set goals, please go to our page "Contact Us", and we'll reply to your questions immediately!   Sincerely, James Egan

goal setting teacher