Smart Goal Setting

Exactly what are smart goals and how do you go about setting smart goals? Knowing how to set smart goals using a particular process is exactly what we're going to show you!

We hear about setting smart goals all the time, whether it's a smart business goal, smart career goal, smart personal goal, or smart student goals.

No one can actually describe a smart goal nor give you examples of smart goals, because everyone has to define their own smart goal and that takes some work, as we'll show you later.

Millions of people do internet searches every day and insert the search phrase "setting smart goals".

When they do this smart goal search ,the first thing they'll see is a lot of websites offering phrases using the letters "S.M.A.R.T"., and then proceed to give you an explanation of these letters.
It's the same on every site you go to, as it's used to try to impress you with their knowledge of "setting smart goals", which really does nothing at all to satisfy your needs.

You are the only person who can determine your smart goal!

To determine which one is best for you, you need to perform the process we show below, and only then will you find the smart goal best for you.

I believe that some folks think their search for a "setting smart goals" will tell them which smart goal to set right now.

Or maybe they think it will tell them which career to pursue, or how to find that "someone special".

I only say this because the phrase "setting smart goals" is one of the highest searched phrases on the internet.

I also believe the phrase reveals that people are searching for help to make changes in their personal life as well as their business and careers.

For instance, the phrase "personal smart goals", "smart goals in business", "smart goals in careers",and "smart career goals" are also highly searched phrases.

Many websites will plant this phrase in their advertising and publications because of its popularity. When they do this, they  attract a lot of the searches for this phrase, even though they have nothing to offer the "searcher" about finding a smart goal.

But it gets traffic to their website, and that's all they're after.

My firm belief is that a smart goal is one that has gone through a "process" called a "situation analysis".

This is a process where someone has made a complete personal assessment of their likes and dislikes, their hopes and dreams, as well as the good and bad things going on in their life right now. 

After they go through a process like this, they begin to see things in their lives they would like to change.

How are we ever going to reach our potential in life if we don’t know what will really makes us happy? Get a copy of our goal setting pdf and find out! 

Is it a career, a certain level of education, a relationship, a particular life style, that new position at work, a particular profession, a trip to Paris or Hawaii, or one of your own personal dreams?

Everyone dreams about something but very few act on those dreams.

We all like to fantasize about things we believe are not within our reach. By doing this we can toy with many different scenarios and never have to worry about how we would actually go about achieving one of these fantasies.

Therefore we just drift through life and continue dreaming about things that other people have. We think we could never realize any of these things. Thus we never make any serious effort about going after one of those dreams or fantasies!

Why do you suppose this is a fact? Maybe we think we’re too busy, not educated enough, not enough money, not smart enough, not good looking, our ethnicity, too heavy or too slim, have a language barrier, or a thousand other reasons that you conjure up in your head.         

So, for anyone wanting to set really smart goals in their life, I believe they have to go through the "evaluation process" to find the smart goals that are right for them.

What happens when you make bad decisions? Let's take a look at a  major decision that was made by a very responsible entity.

The decision in 1985 by Coca Cola to change their original Coke formula without doing any market research and replaced it with a new formula. They abandoned the beloved "Coke" and replaced it with "New Coke"!

After several months the public revolted and they were forced to bring back the original formula. This quick about-face helped boost Coke's credibility.

The recovery was so brilliant that people thought they engineered the whole thing, when in fact they made a terrible decision and were lucky to recover.

The point here is that many bad decisions are made by the lack of strategic and tactical planning that could have changed the outcome.

The same holds true for your decisions in life. If you don't do the required planning, and do it right, you could find yourself in these same situations and it might be too late to reverse it as well.

We'll show you how to set that particular smart goal that's best for you, and show it to you in a Goal Setting Pdf Guide that will not only show you how to select this smart goal, but show you how to achieve it as well!

Don't let this happen! Determine that you're going to take the time required to thoroughly analyze your smart goal to be certain it's the right smart goal for you!

The internet is full of info about smart goals, smart goals in business, smart career goals, and smart personal goals, but that's it, there's no sound advice about how to go about finding the smart goal that's best for you.

You can go to our "Smart Goals Examples" page to get

many examples of goals you can select from, that very well might become YOUR Personal Smart Goal!​

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