The exact purpose of Tactical Goal Setting is to achieve the Strategic Plan! You must understand this completely! They are both required segments of the goal setting process!

Tactical Goal Setting

Now we're going to talk about the third segment of the total plan, and that would be the Tactical Plan. The tactical plan actually supports and assists the Strategic Plan!

It's like a pacemaker for the Strategic Plan as it supplies the details that are required to achieve the Strategic plan. Please pay close attention to the previous statement.

You see, tactics are very detailed statements which show every step you must take to achieve each strategy. Understand this connection completely!!

The combination of strategies and tactics will provide a very vivid picture of exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get there They must work together to be successful!

Remember, this is required for achieving MAJOR GOALS in your life. These are the things you dream about having or doing someday.

Once you go through this process one time and achieve your first major goal, you can accomplish anything you desire!

Every Major Corporation and every Military General knows that they must utilize strategic planning and tactical planning or they will not be able to compete in the market place nor on the battlefield.

Every major corporation knows they must develop strategic and tactical plans every fiscal year or they won't survive very long in the business world, so why would it be any different for your major goals in life!

What a great feeling of confidence this will provide for the rest of your life if you're totally educated in the art of goal setting, giving you the ability to get things done at home or in your workplace, and be known as someone who can tackle major projects and accomplish them!

The last two segments, Tactical Planning and Strategic Planning, allow you to change course whenever you hit roadblocks along the way, rather than just let your goal fail!

Please understand this perfectly!!