The​ Strategic Planning Process is a compilation of short concise  statements which state “How” you’re going to achieve an objective! The strategies you select are the specific steps you're going to take to achieve your goals or objectives! ​

These strategies must be well written and leave nothing to chance. Our strategic goal setting guide will clearly show how to do this with very effective results. Your strategies are absolutely critical to the success of all your goals!  

Writing clear understandable strategies which link directly to your goal is of the utmost importance! Make them well thought out and you'll be excited to get started when you finish writing your strategic plan!

Take your time writing your strategies and they will serve you well later. The Strategic Planning Process is really the "heart" of the entire goal setting process.  

You'll refer to your strategic plan whenever you run into roadblocks, and you will run into them! The reason that most goals fail is because unforeseen roadblocks get in the way. 

When roadblocks do get in the way most people just give up because they don't know what to do next.

If you have a solid strategic plan in place you can just come back to your strategic plan and make an adjustment to the plan to get around the roadblock.

Don't let any obstacle stand in the way of achieving your goal! Never give up on your goal because of some obstacle. This is exactly why most goals fail, so don't be a victim of any obstacle!

That's the secret to achieving any goal! Let nothing stop you from achieving your goal! Also, you must add a Tactical Plan to support the Strategic Plan and this is the final piece of the total goal setting process!

Everyone wants to do or be something great, but few know the steps necessary to plow through all obstacles that might get in the way of achieving your objective. 

Now you can check our Tactical Planning page to ensure that these two critical steps (tactical and strategic planning) are fully understood as the heart and soul of achieving any objective in life!​

Strategic Planning Process