​​​​​​​Smart Goals are those Goals that you deem most important to you! Only you can select which smart goals are right for you, and no one else! 

Everyone tries to use the phrase smart goals in a way that makes you think they have smart goals for you to set and it's just what you need.

The reality is they have no idea which goals are smart goals that fit your particular situation and your special desires. Only you can determine this!

If you scroll through our smart goals examples, you can check all the ideas you think are relevant to your particular life situation and circle all the suggestions you believe are relevant. 

Now your beginning to think smart because the final goal setting ideas you select to use will be your smart goals and now they really are smart goals because they were developed by you!

Once you have selected any number of smart goal ideas you must now begin to prioritize these goals. This is very important because you can't be working on three, four or five goals at a time, contrary to what many will tell you is okay.

You see, if you're going to go after one or two major smart goals, that's all you can focus on at any one time, believe me! ​Once you've selected your smart goals, now you must achieve those smart goals.

That's why we've put together a goal setting guide that's free to you, and you can get this guide plus the smart goals examples, and the prioritizing smart goal worksheets by clicking on the links below.

I guarantee that if you use this goal setting guide exactly as outlined, as well as the goal setting worksheets to prioritize your goals, and the goal setting pdf., you too will have the confidence to tackle any major smart goal you wish, and achieve them!

​​​​​​​​Smart Goals are Described As; S= Specific M= Measurable A= Achievable R= Result-Focused T= Time-Bound

You'll find smart goals ideas coming up below. Select from a list of goals ideas and determine which of these smart goals ideas would be the best smart goals for you right now.

​​​​Smart Goals