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I just got through watching a video about how to realize your dreams, and I'm going to list some of the key points provided by the author. It was said that if you wanted to turn a desire into a reality you must set a goal. To realize this goal you must;

1. Imagine it
2. Feel it
3. Visualize it
4. Hold the vision until it happens
5. Prepare for what you ask for
6. Trust your intuition

Now if anyone believes that doing the above can make your dreams or desires come true, then I won't be able to help you, but good luck on your journey.

There are also many software programs on the internet which lead you through elaborate pages of goal setting information that would be useful if you were a large corporation and had many, many goals to set and track.

However, the average person can only handle one or two major goals at a time, preferably one if it's a major goal.

Even if you're not interested in learning goal setting, why not pass this on to your children or other family members who might be dreaming about becoming a doctor, or writing a book, or some other lofty goal which might be unreachable without learning how to set and achieve goals.

As you continue reading below there will be an opportunity to get a Free Goal Setting Pdf Guide that maps out a complete goal setting program, as well as a complete example of a completed plan, so you'll see exactly how it's done!  

So all you need to do is learn goal setting the right way, and you'll have this expertise for the rest of you life!!

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Learn goal setting and it will become a major component of your personal development. Knowing what you want to achieve will start the process of  setting your first goal.

Learn Goal Setting​

Like most people we were always told to set goals, but no one ever told us how to go about achieving our goals. So we would just write a goal on paper and then wait for something to happen.

Once in a while we would look at our goal and think about it, but we weren't working on any kind of a plan to achieve our goal. We really didn't even know a written plan was necessary! 

Learn Goal Setting and Strategic Planning to promote long-term vision and short-term motivation. It focuses intention, desire, acquisition of knowledge, and helps to organize resources.